Vineyard Facts


The Woodside Farm Vineyard is at 420 feet elevation in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Apalachia (region of mountains) in Woodside, California.  This location is just west of Stanford University.  It sits in a protected valley facing south which provides about 5 to 7 degrees above the average temperature of surrounding areas in the summer season.

We use sustainable farming practices and all hand-farmed with no mechanical equipment.  We use well water for all irrigation to avoid any chlorine from the locally provided city (Hetch Hechy) water.  Minimal water is used to encourage good root development. 

We carefully manage canopy management, thinning of fruit to increase flavor and reduce production to approximately two tons per acre.

Soil and leaf samples are taken every sixty days during summer maturation of the grapes to ensure the required nutrients are at a proper level.

Nets are deployed before harvest to ensure no loss of grapes due to birds and other animals.  All harvesting is picked by hand.